Maui Jim Maile Sunglasses

Function meets fashion is these sassy and funky shades. With as much time as I spend in the sun, I need good eye protection and Maui Jim has long had the reputation of being the best. I’m always in need of polarized lenses to see what’s going on under the ocean’s surface before jumping in and these sunglasses give me all of that with a brilliant bonus of fun style.

Patagonia Reusable Canvas Bag

They had me at the tagline. I love everything about this bag as it naturally speaks to the huntress-environmetalist that I have become. This bag makes me smile and helps me to carry all of my reusable bottles, cups, and utensils out with me into the world. I find that by lightly packing this comfortable and durable canvas sack, I become prepared to not only refuse more single use products but also to just feel more self sufficient and ready for anything.

Riffe Blue Water Express Gun

This gun is a beast. It's not just for any kind of hunting, it's for big game fish only. This has been my go-to ahi gun for the past 5 years. It's definitely gained sentimental value as it holds so many of my favorite moments and hunts underwater. Every big game fish, form my 84lb ono (wahoo) to my 160lb ahi (yellowfin tuna) was shot with this gun.