Fish Tacos: How to Make a Little Do A Lot

Fish tacos are one of my favorite meals to prepare because you can stretch a little bit of fish into a much bigger meal, while still letting the true flavor of the fish shine.  The key to making great fish tacos are fresh fish, quality produce and this secret sauce.  In this particular preparation, I used La Tortilla Factory green chile tortillas, local multicolored tomatoes, kale and red cabbage, home grown limes and avocados, and dubliner cheese, but you can use whatever produce and favorites you have available.  I always do everything to taste while cooking, hence the lack of measurements in this recipe – it’s easy. The fish in these tacos is kagami, given to me from Mark Healey



Jalepenos minced (I like jarred)

Cilantro minced

Fresh lime juice

Lime zest


Sour cream




Fresh fish

Salt and Pepper or favorite spice mix

Shredded Cheese


Diced cabbage/greens

Shredded/sliced thin avocado

Olive oil


Mix ingredients for sauce and put aside. Heat tortillas in hot olive oil until brown and a little crispy. Salt while hot.

Cut fish into strips or chunks and season generously with garlic salt and pepper or a spicy seasoning blend if you have one.  Sear in hot oil on all sides until browned on outside and just cooked on the inside.

Squeeze some lime juice on it while it’s still hot in the pan, then remove.

Assemble tacos by layering cabbage, fish, cheese, tomatoes, avo and sauce in your tortilla until it’s full and messy.

Add tapatio or your favorite hot sauce and enjoy!